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Colombian Mesa de Santos

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Smooth, light, clean finish with no bitter aftertaste.

Recommended roast: City.

Posted May 3rd 2022 by KM

Won’t buy my coffee from any other place. Thanks for the great product!

Columbia De los Santos FRENCH ROAST
Posted Oct 15th 2019 by Wayne Leonhardt

The French Roast is incredible!!!! a nice full body smooth coffee RICH BEANS!!! awesome flavor- perfect all the way around !!! The BEST

Columbia Mesa de,Santos
Posted Apr 16th 2019 by Mark A

Have been purchasing this coffee from Notorious Coffee for several,years after we stopped purchasing a pure Kong coffee elsewhere until the price approached $40 am pound. The Columbia Coffee is a great alternative at a quarter the price

Sumatran Manheeling
Posted Oct 9th 2017 by Steve Payseur

I have bought this coffee several times from Notorious Coffee. I love it. The first time I brewed it several years ago, my late wife said it was the best coffee she had ever tasted. I agree. The coffee is great, and the service is even better. It consistently arrives within 2 days. Great coffee, great company.

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Colombian Mesa de Santos