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Notorious Coffee Roasting Company, LLC, 

…is located in Madison County, NC, close to Asheville and Hot Springs. We are dedicated to the craft of artisan coffee roasting. We recommend different roasts to bring out the best flavors of our different coffees and can also custom blend a coffee that suits your own unique tastes.

We invite you to choose from a variety of popular coffee beans from around the world, we'll roast them carefully in small batches, and we'll ship the whole or ground beans (to your order) directly to you usually within 48 hours. That way you can enjoy notoriously good coffee in your own home!

Unlike other roasters that price their pounds based on unroasted bean weight, Notorious Coffee bags in full 16-oz. pounds. If you order 5 pounds or more of one type of coffee, you’ll receive the wholesale price.


Down Below The Cloud

in scenic Western North Carolina, you can enjoy our coffees freshly brewed at Double D's (in the red double-decker bus) and Ziggy's Bakery & Deli in Asheville, at Maples in Micaville, at Highland Station (the Triangle gas station on 25/70) in Marshall, and at the Magnolia Mountain Inn in Hot Springs. If you’re a guest at Laughing Heart Lodge in Hot Springs or Marshall House Inn in Marshall, you’ll also get to savor our brewed beans. And you can purchase a variety of whole bean and ground Notorious Coffee by the pound at TJ's Mountain Market in Mars Hill, Maples in Micaville, and The Wild Violet in Mars Hill. In the Asheville-area, we're also at a couple of tailgate markets; please check out our Tailgate Markets & Events page to find out when and where we'll be.

More About Notorious Coffee

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Why the coyote?

Coyotes have a notorious reputation for being highly resourceful and constantly expanding their range. They are curious, always ready to learn and discover. At Notorious Coffee Roasting Company, the coffees we offer reflect this openness to exploration. We encourage you, too, to “taste out” our coffees from around our globe—and hopefully develop (or create) some new favorites.



Jeff, Owner-Head Roaster, in the Notorious Coffee roastery