Tailgate Markets

6/11/24 Update:

We're having to take an unexpected break from roasting for a few weeks. Our outlet will be at the WVL market on 6/12/24, but we will not be at the AVL City Market until further notice. Please check back in a week or two for updates. We greatly appreciate your support and patience!


Market Pickups (NOW UNAVAILABLE)

If you'd like to make sure your favorite roasted beans are ready for pick up at your preferred market, please be sure to order by NOON two days before the market day. Here's how:

   (1) preorder by emailing sales@notoriouscoffee.com or texting 828-575-4150. Please be sure to include your email address in your order for payment through Square.


    (2) order and pay through this website! There’s no charge for picking up your order at your desired market. To do this, (a) click on the Check Out button after your online shopping Bag is complete, (b) use your billing information to fill out your Shipping Address information, and check the "My billing address is the same as my shipping address." box, (c) select the applicable "Pickup at ... Market" option as your desired Shipping Method, and (d) finish checking out with your Payment information.


Because life happens, last-minute changes may occur. We'll try to let you know about the ones we know about on this page, so please keep checking back!

Please note there may differences between our online store and tailgate market prices due to shipping costs.