Tailgate Markets

Normally we'd be at the 2020 River Arts District Farmers Market inside pleb urban winery at 289 Lyman Street on Wednesdays from 3 to 6 p.m. But...

  • RAD MARKET UPDATE 4/5/20: On Wednesday, 4/8/20, Notorious Coffee WILL be in the pleb urban winery parking lot for preaaranged pickup! Arranging preorders is a requirement of this Market. Please preorder through the website Contact page, Facebook Messenger, email, or text 828-575-4150! Please include your email address in your order for germ-free payment through Square.

Please be sure to check in with Jeff or here again for more updates.


Because life happens, last-minute changes may occur. We'll try to let you know about the ones we know about on this page, so please keep checking back!

Please note there may differences between our online store and tailgate market prices due to shipping costs.