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Colombian Supremo

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Smooth, pleasant acidity, nutty overtones, rich and full-bodied.

Recommended roast: City.

Got it Mailed
Posted Aug 1st 2023 by Gerry K

I could not wait for my next trip to NC to stock up in Notorious Coffee, so I had a five pound bag of beans shipped to me in FL. I love the smell of these beans when I am grinding them. The rich flavor of this coffee is a treat in my day.

Coffee is great!
Posted Mar 24th 2020 by Lynn

Great coffee, great service, super fast delivery

One of my Favorite Coffees
Posted Apr 1st 2019 by Jeremy

The Colombian Supremo with the City Roast is one of my favorite coffees. Shipped fast and is incredibly fresh. Will be buying more!

Col. Supr. Coffee
Posted Mar 28th 2019 by MaryJane Lappin

This is our favorite of all coffees. Couldn't believe how quickly it was delivered to our door. We will be ordering again.

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