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Sumatran Mandheling

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City-roasted: Smooth, rich, vibrant, earthy, complex with tones of sweet chocolate and licorice.

French-roasted: Full-bodied, very rich, earthy, low acidity, broadly appealing.

Recommended roast: City or French.

Makes a great weekend brew
Posted Mar 18th 2024 by Edmond League

This french roast is rich and full bodied without the harsh New Orleans burnt flavor that some french roasts have. Its a special occasion coffee that never disappoints.

Sumatran Mandheling
Posted Nov 11th 2021 by Susan Ballard

An impulse purchase of Notorious Coffee Roasting House's Sumatran Mandheling French Roast and I'm hooked! I've never been a big French Roast coffee drinker as it's usually not a smooth, well-flavored coffee (at least the ones I've tried in past). This one is different - well-balanced with great flavor. I won't use anything else at home and am buying bags for Christmas gifts! Thank you Notorious Coffee for your great coffee!

Absolute perfection
Posted Jun 29th 2020 by Dave K

This is the best coffee bean and roast I have ever tried, bar none. If you enjoy a dark French roast with very low or zero acidity, the Sumatran Mandheling is legitimately as good as it gets on planet Earth. I have only used it with a French press, but I'm sure it will be astoundingly good via any brew system. The smell out of the bag is overwhelming in strength, and it's richness seriously fills the room. I'm a total devotee to Notorious Coffee and this bean/roast in particular. I've found my coffee for life!

Sumatran Manheeling
Posted Sep 19th 2017 by Steve Payseur

I have been ordering coffee from the Notorious Coffee Roasting Co. For a number of years. Usually I'll order 3 or 4 pounds of a couple different kinds.one the first coffees I ever ordered was the Sumatran. My wife, Margie, passed away this past May. When I brewed a pot of the Notorious Coffee Sumatran about 6 or 7 years ago, she said that it was the best cup of coffee she had ever had. I've been ordering it ever since.I drank a cup this morning. It brings back good memories in addition to tasting great. I'll continue to order it. Thanks for the great coffee and the memories.

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Sumatran Mandheling