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Premium House Blend

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A blend of French Roast Ethiopia and City Roast Colombia, the Premium House Blend offers a unique, smooth yet robust flavor that is brightened by berry and spice overtones. Every heartwarming cup delivers a concoction that is pure comfort in every cup.


Posted Dec 18th 2022 by Karen Busch

Ordered a 5 lb bag, our first of more to come because it is DELICIOUS and so smooth. Great flavor without the bitterness. My husband loves it so much, he prefers to wait til we get home for a cup of Joe instead of just picking one up while we're out and about. We will likely be trying other Notorious coffees but this one is a MUST HAVE.

Premium House Blend
Posted Sep 30th 2021 by Nancy A Kramer

Our favorite coffee by far!! Excellent service! Delicious flavor!

Premium House Blend
Posted Apr 14th 2021 by Bill Burney

I've long been a fan of varietals, particularly Kenya AA, Columbia, Ethiopia, Costa Rica, even Tanzania Peaberry. I've just received my second 5 lbs. bag of Premium House Blend just as I was finishing up the first 5 lbs. It combines two of my favorites: Ethiopian French Roast and Columbian City Roast and produces a smooth full-bodied cup that hints of chocolate and leather. It's become my go-to coffee. Love it!

Water Process Decaf Coffee
Posted Mar 27th 2020 by Pat Ward


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Premium House Blend