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Mexican Chiapas

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Well-balanced with a smooth, mild body and a clean nutty finish.

Recommended roast: City.

Mexican Chiapas lures me out of bed
Posted Aug 30th 2023 by Morgen

Mexican Chiapas is the perfect mix of deep flavor without the acidity of other French toasts. I couldn’t do my day without it!

wonderful flavor
Posted Jun 1st 2023 by Rebecca

Very smooth. I always keep this stocked in my home.

Mexican Chiapas french roast makes me heart sing
Posted Feb 27th 2023 by Morgen

This coffee is the ritual beginning of every day. I look forward to it each morning!

Mighty Mex
Posted Oct 19th 2020 by Burnwelda

Wonderfully smooth and not very acidic. Delicious brew in a percolator.

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