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India Monsooned

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Full-bodied, chocolaty, earthy, low acidity.

Recommended roast: City.

Indian Monsooned
Posted Apr 19th 2023 by Seth

As always Notorious Coffee Roasting Co. dose a great job with their roasting. I ordered the Indian Monsooned coffee and was not disappointed with the overall quality of the roast (I ordered at City Roast). It was nice, even / consistent throughout the entire bag. My only knock against the coffee itself, is I don't particularly care for the flavor of these beans. That said, I'd never tried Indian Monsooned, but wanted to given what I've read regarding it's "nice, flavored bean." While the flavor isn't bad, it just wasn't for me. No knock against NCRC however, once again they came thru with an awesome roast.

Posted Jan 22nd 2021 by Zachary T Thomas

This has been my go-to coffee for about 8 months now. It's mellow and drinkable it doesn't have so much caffeine that you can't enjoy four or five cups. I recommend it to others because of how unique and enjoyable it is.

Posted Jan 7th 2020 by Jeri

I love the new India monsoon coffee and I have not tried the other yet.... I think your coffees are terrific. Thank you Jeri

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