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Costa Rican Tarrazu

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City-roasted: Rich body, bright acidity, fruity caramel flavors.

French-roasted: Rich caramel and walnut notes.

Recommended roast: City or French.

Costa Rican Tarrazu
Posted Sep 13th 2022 by Peter

Nice blend in dark roast. One of my go-to coffees as a pour over.

Costa Rican Tarrazu
Posted Dec 2nd 2021 by Dave

The only reason I had to select four stars is just because this is not my favorite Notorious coffee. Otherwise, it would earn the whole five stars. It is definitely medium level brew, milder than most other coffees from Costa Rica I have tried which are very similar to French Roast or even Pike Place strength. Still, it has a fully rounded taste that is not flat nor bitter and is typically Notorious--ly well-crafted and roasted perfectly. Fast shipping and a full 16 ounce bag make Notorious my favorite local area, consistent and dependable "caffeine enabler".

Great coffee
Posted Aug 18th 2020 by Joe Marks

A rich aromatic coffee. I love it's dark roast flavor and robust taste.

Excellent Coffee!
Posted Aug 11th 2020 by Bob Daniels

Flavor and price are great. 5 star! My only complaint is that the bag was not sealed well so I had some beans in the box (10 lb bag)

Posted Mar 27th 2020 by Pat

Once again, different variety but same fantastic flavor and customer service

Posted Apr 18th 2018 by Cameron

Ordered the City Roast and was delivered fast. The postal worker said she kept the box in her passenger seat the whole time because it smelled so good! Quality of the bean is great. Great product with excellent service. Thank you!

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Costa Rican Tarrazu