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Papua New Guinea

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German and British colonist first brought the Blue Mountain coffee of Jamaica to Papua New Guinea (PNG) in the late 1800's. PNG coffee are naturally grown without pesticides or other agro-chemicals, so there’s quite a bit of Certified Organic coffee from the country—though almost all coffee is grown organically even if it’s not certified.

The Papua island’s fertile soil produces beans that have a crisp citrus acidity and are rich with flavors of chocolate and tropical fruits.

Amazing roast!
Posted Jun 2nd 2020 by Katrina

I have bought from you guys twice and both times the coffee was roasted to perfection. When brewing it blooms so beautifully and smells wonderful. When drinking, it is smooth and pleasantly tasting. I can enjoy this coffee black with no alterations, which is saying a lot. Thank you!

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Papua New Guinea