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How to Brew Awesome Coffee

Did you ever wonder how all of those coffee shops and companies can brew incredible tasting coffee every time? Well, here are some tips to help you do the same, straight from our experts here at Notorious.

1. Use fresh whole-bean coffees. To keep your coffee fresh, store it away from heat, light, and moisture. Most experts recommend using coffee within 14 days of its roasting date. After 14 days of exposure to air, its flavor will begin to deteriorate significantly.

2. Use good quality water. If the water from your tap at home is bad, it's going to taste bad in your coffee. If you have bad-tasting tap water, use a water filter. Soft water is also not good for brewing coffee, because it slows down the extraction and dilution process, resulting in over-extracted coffee. Cold, filtered water makes the best coffee.

3. Watch your water temperature during brewing. Bring the water to a boil, then let it cool for one minute — this is because boiling water is too hot and causes bitterness. On the other hand, tepid water will not allow the full flavor to properly develop. Ideally, the water should be between 195� and 205� Fahrenheit.

4. Match the grind to the brewing system. Grind your coffee beans according to the specifications or instructions that came with your brewing system. It's best to grind just before your brew.

5. Measure carefully. Use two level (not heaping) teaspoons of ground coffee for every six ounces of water. That's two ounces of ground coffee per quart of water.

6. Cleanliness is important. Be sure to keep your brewing system and grinder clean and in good working order, especially if you grind and brew different types of coffee. You should remove used coffee grounds and paper filters immediately after brewing. Never reuse coffee grounds. Wet, used grounds begin to grow mold and unhealthy bacteria after only a short time if left alone.

7. Freshly brewed coffee tastes the best. Don't combine old, half-empty coffee pots with freshly brewed pots. Mixing old and new coffee produces less than desirable results. The same can be said for reheated coffee. Reheating (especially in the microwave) diminishes the flavor and quality of your coffee. Also, many people drink coffee on the go. If you take your morning coffee with you in a thermos, it's a good idea to remember that you should not store coffee in a thermal container for more than one hour.

8. Don't rush great coffee. It takes time. For automatic brewing systems, you should always let the coffee brewing cycle conclude before you remove the pot — even if it has a no-drip feature or is designed to accomodate the pot being removed and poured while brewing. It's just a bad habit to get into regardless of newer features and functions such as these.

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