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Here at Notorious Coffee Roasting Company, we offer a wide variety of coffee beans from around the world, as well as many different roast intensities.

Choose your favorite Coffee Beans:

African Region

Ethiopia Sidamo:  Spicy kick and a wine-like essence. Clean tasting coffee, sweet aftertaste.

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe:  Bold Complex Taste, Fragrant with hint of Berry Undertone.

Tanzanian Peaberry:  Full Body and Aroma, Light Acidity.

Rwanda French Roast:  Full bodied, it boasts the rich flavors of smoky cedar and hints of black currants. Dark, french roast is recommended for maximizing richness and robust taste and aroma.

Burundi: Balanced and medium bodied, this coffee is immediately delightful. On the front, expect Burundi to be slightly crisp and sweet.

North, Central, and South American Region

Colombian Supremo:  Smooth, pleasant acidity, smooth finish, nutty overtones and rich medium to full body.

Colombian Mesa de los Santos:   Smooth and Light.Clean Finish. No bitter aftertaste.

Costa Rican Tarrazu:  Rich body, bright acidity, fruity caramel flavors.

Costa Rican Swiss Water Process Decaf:   Rinsed with water instead of artificial compounds.Full Bodied,well balanced. No bitter aftertaste. Low Acidity.

Peruvian:  Mildly acidic, light body. Incredible flavor profile and aroma with a sweet and nutty finish.

Asian Region

Papua New Guinea:   From Indonesia, a sweet acidic flavor with a mild body.

Sumatra Mandheling:  Full Bodied, Richly Concentrated, Earthy Flavors, Low Acidity.

Sumatra Gayo Mountain:  Smooth-tasting coffee, produces a clean cup that is full bodied and has a deep, rich flavor. Low Acidity.

India Monsooned:  Full body. Chocolatey, Earthy Flavor. Low Acidity.


Espresso Blend:   The finest organic beans roasted to a perfect medium- dark espresso roast that is sure to delight those who appreciate excellence.

Premium House Blend:   Medium body and richly satisfying cup, this light roast is made from premium grade, 100% Arabica coffees that are precision-roasted, blended and fast-packed for a great cup of coffee.

New Orleans French Roast Blend:   New Orleans is a unique symbol of Southern culture. This French Roast brews into a full-bodied cup with smoky overtones and bittersweet notes. This heavily-bodied brew is true to the New Orleans tradition.

Notorious Coffee Roasting Company also offers several different roasting choices for your favorite beans. Lighter roasts retain more of the caffeine within the beans, and darker roasts contain less caffeine but a bolder, fuller flavor.

Choose your roasting preference wisely:

Light Roast:   Light roast brews crisp, bright, acidy yet sweet, emphasizing floral, fruit and nut tones.

City Roast:   Moderate roast that brews aromatic, somewhat acidy but sweeter, emphasizing fruit and chocolate notes.

French Roast:   A dark roast that brews bittersweet and full-bodied, with caramelized coffee oils and pungent, crisp notes to enhance it.

Espresso Roast:   Darkest roast that brews dark, pure, rich, and on the sweet side of burnt. Bittersweet with subdued coffee oils and a strong, smoky aroma.

Now you've read about all of our coffees and roasting specialties. All that's left before you go to the order form is to decide how you want us to grind your beans for you. While we recommend grinding your coffee beans just before brewing, we understand that not all of us have the time or desire to do so. It's best to choose the grind that matches your brewing system.

Choose your grind:

Espresso:   Ground very fine and almost powder-like.

Automatic Drip:   Ground fine to medium. (Most household coffee pots are designed for this type of grind.)

Plunger Pot:   Ground medium to coarse.

Percolato:   Ground coarse.

Now that you've made the most important decisions regarding your coffee, you can proceed to the Online Order Form by using the link marked "Order Form"!

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